Attendee Code of Conduct

Melbourne Apple Admins (MAA) is a community meetup intended to support, educate and inform anyone that supports Apple devices in any type of organisation. 

MAA events are open to anyone that can benefit from or contribute to the community, and attendees are a mix of Apple customer, vendors, resellers and MSP staff of various capacities. This mix is also reflected in the makeup of the organising team. 

This Code of Conduct has been created to ensure every attendee respects the community-focused, non-commercial nature of the events.


  • MAA is a community for all
  • Attendees, organisers and sponsors will at all times treat each other with respect
  • Discriminatory or otherwise objectionable behaviour on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability status, political affiliation or religious belief is grounds for immediate ejection from MAA events and potential future banning
  • Be reminded that Victorian workplace law is applicable beyond officially designated ‘work’ events in certain circumstances – if you’re in doubt, assume the same conditions as any work event.

Attendee Privacy

Please refer to our privacy policy for specific details. Unless otherwise stated, you can assume the following:

  • Attendee contact information shared with MAA for the purposes of joining our mailing list will never be shared with sponsors or other entities
  • Attendee contact information shared with Venue Sponsors for the purposes of physical building access and/or security purposes will not be used for marketing purposes
  • Photos and/or video of MAA events are taken by organisers for MAA marketing purposes. Attendance of an MAA event includes the possibility of appearing in these media. If you do not consent to your appearance being used in this way, please inform MAA while registering for any given event.

Commercial Activity & Sales Staff Attendance

  • Sales and other non-technical attendees are permitted to attend on the understanding that overt, aggressive or bad-faith commercial activity is not permitted. This includes direct lead acquisition, disparaging competitors, attempting to disrupt existing vendor/customer relations, and any other activity as determined by the MAA organising team
  • Any attendee that experiences conduct contrary to the above are strongly encouraged to report the incident to MAA organisers. 

Venue Guidelines

  • MAA events are held at venues donated by our partners and sponsors. These are often the functioning offices of the venue sponsor
  • MAA attendees will at all times confine themselves to nominated MAA event areas as determined by the hosting sponsor
  • Accessibility of the event area (and associated spaces such as bathrooms) is a key requirement when selecting a venue – any attendee that experiences accessibility issues is strongly encouraged to contact the MAA organisers for support.

Provision of Food & Beverages

  • MAA sponsors provide food and drink for each meetup, including alcohol 
  • MAA require that any dietary requirements and particularly, allergies, be clearly communicated to MAA organisers when registering
  • In the unlikely event of excessive alcohol consumption, MAA organisers may request an attendee move to non-alcoholic beverages.

General Conduct Guidelines 

  • This document is not an exhaustive list of potential breaches of the Code of Conduct
  • The MAA organising team reserves the right to take action on any conduct or behaviour that is not in the collaborative and non-commercial spirit of MAA.

The MAA Organisers

Marcus Ransom (Ret.)
Stu McDonald
Jon Rhoades
Damian Cavanagh
James Smith 
James Corcoran